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Handcrafted by the master blacksmiths of Seki, Japan, Sanshu knives are the product of 800 years of forging traditions. Seki is the country’s most historic blacksmithing city, the place where Japan’s legendary samurai swords were conceived. Today, the same techniques used to create those hallowed blades are now used to create the finest kitchen knives in Japan. And today, too, the essential characteristics that defined samurai swords—sharpness, precision and durability—remain the hallmarks of Seki’s Sanshu kitchen knives.

Run by the third-generation owner, Sanshu creates their fine knives the age-old Seki way, by commissioning a core group of local blacksmiths to forge them. These talented artisans undergo arduous apprenticeships to master their craft; while some 300 of them worked in Seki during the heyday of sword forging in the 1500s, only eighteen remain today. The blacksmiths provide Sanshu with finished blades; the company’s own craftsmen then fit custom handles and hand-hone a final edge. Only then are Sanshu knives ready for duty in the kitchen.

Shop Data

Name: Cutler sanshu knife direct sale of Seki city
Person in charge: President/Kazuhiro Yoshida(Mr.)
TEL: +81-(0)575-28-5147
FAX: +81-(0)575-28-5878
Address: 950-1 Oze, Seki-city, Gifu, 501-3265 JAPAN
Hours: 8:30~17:30(open 365 days a year)