Product Information

Sanshu knives are produced from the highest quality Japanese and imported steels. They’re durable, incredibly sharp and retain their edge longer than other kitchen knives. They’re a joy to cut with and will last for years and years. Prized by top professional chefs across Japan, Sanshu knives are now being introduced to the United States for the first time.

33 layers Bolster Combined With Blade

Santoku 180mm
Petty 120mm
Petty 150mm
Shirogami Deba 210mm 580g
Aogami Yanagi Sahimi 300mm 300g
Thin Bladed Knife Aogami Rectangle 210mm 340g
Thin Bladed Knife Aogami Falcate 210mm 340g
Aogami Tako Sashimi 270mm 200g

Seki Yoshihide 3 layers

Santoku 165mm 220g
Chef Knife 180mm 220g
Usuba 165mm 230g